Ellesmere Town Council

Town Council Services And Facilities 

Ellesmere Town Council is responsible for the management of a number of facilities in the town. Currently the Town Council manages the following facilities, however in 2024/25 it is anticipated that these will increase when more services are passed down to Town Councils from Shropshire Council.

Ellesmere Town Council is responsible for the following assets and services:

  • War Memorial
  • Cross Street Toilets
  • Bus Shelters
  • CCTV Cameras
  • 84 Street Lights
  • Street Furniture
  • Floral Planters and Flower Beds
  • Flag Poles
  • Christmas Festoons

The Town Council also owns and manages the following sites:

  • Ellesmere Town Hall
  • Beech Grove – Playing Fields & Play Area
  • Birch Road Recreation Ground
  • Berwyn View Recreation Ground
  • Kingfisher Walk Playground
  • Crane and New Wharf Square
  • Boathouse & Mere Cottage – jointly owned with Shropshire Council
  • Ellesmere Cemetery – jointly owned with Ellesmere Rural Parish Council

Contact Ellesmere Town Council

Administrative Assistant: Ms Gem Whitley
Mon – Friday 9am – 2pm
Email: admin@ellesmere-tc.gov.uk
Telephone:  01691 596290

Town Clerk: Miss Joanne Butterworth
Telephone:  01691 622689
Email: jo.butterworth@ellesmere-tc.gov.uk

Assistant Clerk: Mrs Vicky Martin
Monday – Friday 9am until 2pm
Email: assistant.clerk@ellesmere-tc.gov.uk
Telephone: 01691 622188


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Shropshire Council

Contacting Shropshire Council

  • Website: – https://www.shropshire.gov.uk/
  • General Enquiries: – 0345 678 9000
  • Council Tax: – 0345 678 9002
  • Planning And Building Control: – 0345 678 9004
  • Housing: – 0345 678 9005
  • Streets, Roads And Transport: – 0345 678 9006
  • Bins And Recycling: – 0345 678 9007
  • Pest Control: – 0345 678 9067
  • Parking Services: – 0345 678 9019

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