Meeting Dates

Annual Meeting of Electors

Tuesday 20th April 2021 at 7.15pm via Zoom.

Thursday 7th May 2020 at 6pm – Cancelled due to Covid.

Annual Town Council Meeting

Thursday 13th May 2021

The Government has issued Regulations to dis-apply some of the legislative requirements around Council meetings and their procedures during the coronavirus crisis.This includes removing the requirement to hold an annual meeting before the end of May 2020.  Therefore, in line with current restrictions, the Annual Town Council meeting has been postponed to May 2021.

Monthly Town Council Meeting Dates

Thursday 13th May 2021
Thursday 10th June 2021
Thursday 8th July 2021
Monday 6th September 2021
Monday 4th October 2021
Monday 1st November 2021
Monday 6th December 2021
Tuesday 4th January 2022
Monday 24th January 2022
Monday 7th February 2022
Monday 7th March 2022
Monday 11th April 2022
Thursday 5th May 2022

Monthly meetings are held at Ellesmere Town Hall and commence at 7.15pm.  

There will be a 10 minute public question time which is an opportunity for any members of the public present to speak on any items on the Agenda or any other concerns they would like to bring before the Town Council. The Annual Meeting of Electors starts at 7.15pm (click here for more details)