We will now be taking donations for refugees at Ellesmere Town Hall Offices from 9am until 1pm each day until Friday 10th September at 1pm. After this time, another pause will be placed on receiving donations to give Shropshire Supports Refugees the opportunity to sort through the items received.
Here is a link to SSR Facebook page if any of you would like to keep updated directly.
At this time they are looking for clothes rails and coat hangers as well as volunteers to sort the donations if you know of anyone that would be interested in helping for this great cause please ask them to email Amanda Jones.



Ellesmere Town Hall will be a Donation Station for Shropshire Supports Refugees.
Address: 1-3 Willow Street

SY12 0AL

The Town Council office (located on the side of the building) will be open for donations Monday – Friday from 9am until 1pm. Alternative drop-offs can be arranged by appointment only, please call Vanessa on 01691 622188.

Here is the current list of goods we can accept; if possible, please sort them into separate bags.
• Muslim clothing
• Long tops
• Long trousers
• Clothes shoes
• Warm cardigans, jumpers, and dresses
• Warm leggings
• Clean, new underwear.
• Long coats
• Trousers and jeans
• Shirts
• Suit jackets
• Shoes
• Clean new underwear
• Warm jumpers
• Coats
• All children’s clothing
• Shoes
• High chairs
• Pushchairs
• Cots
We would like to thank in advance anyone that would like to show their support by making a donation.


As we have mentioned before, the one issue preventing us from directly accepting refugees from Afghanistan in this county is a lack of houses for the families.

If you are a landlord or if you know a landlord that is willing to rent to refugees, could you please email with details of your offer. Jacki is very busy getting things ready for our new refugee family in September, so if she takes a while to get back to you this is why, however, she will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.


We have been advised by the home office that we currently cannot resettle Afghanistan families into people’s homes (as in renting rooms or sharing a house), however, if you have space that you are willing to share with an Asylum Seeker, then the Leaving Care and Foster Care teams are always looking for rooms for young unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. Older ones can often manage in supported living accommodation, and younger ones will have to be rehomed into foster care. If you would like more details on the processes involved, then please email with your phone number and the details of your offer and he will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.


If you are interested in donating some of your time and becoming a volunteer, then please email Emma will be in touch with you as soon as she is able to initiate the process of becoming a volunteer with us


If you can speak any Middle Eastern languages, particularly Pashto, Arabic, Kurdish sourani, Farsi and Dari, please email

Other offers:

If you have any other offers of support including access to your service, your business service, offers to do with health or mental health of Refugees, collaborations or any other reason not stated, please email

Please hang in there, Shropshire Supports Refugees plans to facilitate as many offers of support as possible, and although this feels like a very urgent situation it’s important that we do it properly and learn from our past experiences over the past five years.

Thank you for reading this very long message we will post more as new developments occur.

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