Ellesmere Town Council hosted and facilitated a communit session to illicit ideas that will help us shape the following 3 things-

  • An Ellesmere Town Vision
  • A description of Ellesmere in the year 2030
  • Collating a list of ideas/initiatives/community needs

We invited on two days,a subset of the community and its partners that represented various demographics, allowing us to create a draft to be used in wider informal community consultation activity.

This work will inform Ellesmere Town Council of its communities opinions, needs and wants enabling us to better focus our time on the things that will support our town and its future; in a collaborative fashion keeping the community at its heart.

Next Steps will be to collect all the many ideas together then the output  will be refined  and  at a later date the wider community will be invited to a similar facilitated workshop event. It must be remembered that although the Town Council is leading this piece of work, its not just the Town Council’s responsibility to deliver it.

Ben welcoming everyone and setting the scene with few of the participants watching on the second day.

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